This Week

Thursday, March 27th: A Kornucopia (myself leading) at  St. Mazie: 345 Grand Street in Brooklyn. 9:30-11:30pm

Saturday, March 29th: Our last duo at The Dead Rabbit…  Terry Waldo playing piano and I singing. 9pm-1am

Sunday, March 30th: Trio at Casa Mezcal with Jesse Gelber on piano and Rob Adkins on bass. It is a beautiful listening living room on the second floor above the main restaurant at 80 Orchard Street. It’s great Oaxacan food and their brunch menu. And there are beautiful acoustics! 2-5pm  


WEEKLY GIGS  (always on, except when noted)

Mondays: Brain Cloud at Barbes, 9th Street & 6th Avenue in Brooklyn (Park Slope), 7-9pm; Barbes is a wonderful, intimate listening room venue that has a wide spectrum of live music from both traditional an experimental slants around the world. There is a little room to dance as well. The Brain Cloud is a six-piece band with Dennis Lichtman playing mandolin, fiddle, and clarinet, and leading the band; Raphael McGregor on lap steel guitar; Skip Krevins on hollow-body electric guitar; Kevin Dorn on snare drum; Andrew Hall on upright bass; and myself singing. 

Saturdays: Duo with Terry Waldo at the magnificent Dead Rabbit: 30 Water Street in the first historic district of the city. The people of the Dead Rabbit house are doing the most beautiful work in their world. It is an intimate parlor filled with a homemade apothecary of remedies that they craft into about eighty different cocktail medicinals! They literally won accolades as best cocktail bar in the world with Jack McGarry at the helm. Wonderful group of people. 9pm-1am 

[*note: I'm not at The Dead Rabbit on March 22nd.]

Sundays: Trio at La Casa Mezcal,  80 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side. We play on the second floor above the main restaurant, and they serve brunch up there. It is the most comfortable room I can imagine, next to someone’s living room. We play as a trio with piano from 2-5pm 

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